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A message from Christine Royale: Prospective Homewatch co–ordinator for Guilden Sutton:

'My name is Christine Royle. For those of you who don't know me, I am the sub postmistress at Guilden Sutton Post office.

After a number of incidents over the last 12 months including thefts and attempted robberies within the area, it became apparent to me that not all locations within the village were covered by the Home Watch scheme.

After further enquires I was introduced to Liz Biddle who is in charge of the Western Home watch. She explained that there was no overall village Home Watch coordinator for Guilden Sutton.

I have therefore decided to take on the position. This role requires the support of other sub coordinators who will look after different areas within the village with the guidance and support from Liz and I.

Anyone interested in being a sub-coordinator covering a small number of properties in your neighbourhood please don't hesitate to contact me.


I have regular visits and communication from our local police and community support officers so any concerns or issues you need to discuss will be passed on in confidence.

I am committed to this role and look forward to getting this scheme up and running to ensure this area is as safe and incident free as possible.'

Christine Royle
Work Tel: 01244 301019