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The School Lane development was up before the CWAC planning committee with the recommendation before it for approval on 1st April 2014. The full document outlining the case can be found here

Green Belt

The area around Guilden Sutton is protected Green Belt  and should only be built upon in exceptional circumstances. Certain developments are permitted and one is for a “limited development of affordable housing in a rural area” as is this scheme.

However this proposal would have a major visual impact on what is one of the definitive views for residents and visitors going out and about in Guilden Sutton - an open view across the Green Belt countryside towards Helsby Hill.

The development would detract from the openness of the Green Belt and set a precedent for future development. It would involve the loss of prime agricultural land.

Sadly the views over the countryside don’t count but the best technical argument against the scheme is provided by the CWAC Spatial Planning submission. See it here or view it on the full planning application.

Oversized and inappropriate development

We happily admit the need and desirability of new homes in the area both from an economic and social viewpoint

However we would like homes that we can be proud of and ones that fit in with the appearance and scale of the existing community.

The National Planning Policy framework states that in Greenbelts: limited in-filling in villages, and limited affordable housing for local community needs under policies set out in the Local Plan is admissible.

The development of 17 affordable houses  and the Wood Farm development of 9 houses (3 affordable) represents an excessive amount of development in a small area of the village. The need for additional affordable houses is based on the Strategic Market Housing Assessment 2013 (See doc page) which states that Chester Villages ward (including Littleton, Christleton, Waverton, Mickle Trafford and Guilden Sutton) need 85 new affordable homes over the next 5 years. This we do not refute. What is called into question is the Housing market survey conducted last year in Guilden Sutton which enabled the figure of 28 affordable homes required over the next 5 years in Guilden Sutton, and quoted in the planning application notes, to go before the planning committee. The data obtained from the survey is unsafe since each count could have been the result of multiple entries from one person, or two people being counted as requiring two houses whereas they would be living together so would only need one house. In addition 4 people under the age of 15 have been included in the figure of 28. The item which completely discredits this as an independent survey of housing needs is the fact that the developer has been allowed to insert 3 candidates for homes obtained from its own survey.


These two developments within 200 metres of each other will completely destroy the character and open aspect of this area of Guilden Sutton. In addition the building line is too close to the the road - the dwellings are out of line with all other dwellings all of which technically lie just outside the northern border of Guilden Sutton village. It was a requirement of the development at Wood Farm that the building line was maintained. There are several aspects of the overall design which merit mentioning including that of the Landscape team who said: ”The cul-de-sac layout is somewhat suburban in character”. Sadly very few such considerations will overturn the recommendation by the planning officer to agree to the proposal.

We only have 3 minutes to make a statement. We will therefore only use the time to make points relevant to the actual guidance supplied in the planning notes for committee members

Other comments

The above represent the two main arguments against but the following all appear in the villagers comments against the scheme:

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School Lane Development

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