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Each year, the Parish Council holds one statutory Annual Parish Meeting, plus 11 monthly Meetings of the Parish Council (not August).  The Council is only obliged to meet on a minimum of four occasions, one of which must be its Annual Meeting. In recent years, the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council has generally been held on the same evening as the Annual Parish Meeting.

Dates of Meetings
Meetings are planned as shown below, but sometimes these may need to be altered.   The dates, venue and time of all Parish Council meetings are formally announced on its noticeboards near the village car park (near St John's Church), in the Village Hall car park, and next to the bus stop in Guilden Sutton Lane. 


5 Jan 2 Feb 2 Mar 13 April 11 May
1 June 13 July 7 Sept 5 Oct 2 Nov

7 Dec


4 Jan 1 Feb 7 Mar 4 April 9 May
6 June 11 July 5 Sept 3 Oct 7 Nov

5 Dec




Annual Parish Meeting
This is usually held in April or May, and gives constituents an opportunity to hear reports of the Parish Council's work during the previous year, and where they can raise any issues.

Meetings of the Parish Council
These are usually held at 7.30pm in the Committee Room at the Community Association Village Hall. 

At Ordinary Meetings the public are invited to attend and listen to the proceedings, but may not address the Council.  Constituents who have any issue about which they are concerned should contact any Parish Councillor, who will then raise the matter under an appropriate item on the agenda.   If it is appropriate, the Chairman may ask any person attending a meeting to provide information.  For certain confidential matters, the public and Press are asked to leave meetings - these are referred to as Part 2 matters.

Guilden Sutton Parish Council has introduced an opportunity for constituents to address the Council before Ordinary Meetings are opened.  This "Public Speaking Time" does not give any right to debate issues, and anyone wanting to avail themselves of this may find it useful to contact the Clerk beforehand.

Contacting the Parish Council
The Parish Council is always willing to assist residents by providing information or, where appropriate, by forwarding issues to appropriate authorities.  Click here to obtain phone numbers and addresses of the Councillors and the Parish Clerk

To send an email to the Parish Council, please click here