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Guilden Sutton Bowls Club




We meet every Friday in the Village Hall from 7.00 - 9.00 pm. September to March.


Short Mat Bowls is played on a green felt surface approximately 13 metres x 1.8 metres. A 380 mm x 76 mm square block is positioned in the middle of the mat and the 63 mm diameter jack is placed along a central line at the far end of the mat. The bowl is made of wood or composition material and is biased so as to follow a curved path when rolled. A range of sizes are available between 116 and 133 mm diameter.
Each player has two bowls and the object of the game is to roll the bowl around the block and finish closer to the jack than your opponents bowl.
On club nights we usually play doubles & trebles.
We also enter a team in the Cheshire Villages Indoor Bowls Tournament, which is divided into 4 local area leagues, with the winners going forward to a final play-off which is held at Northwhich.



Chairman: Bill Cartwright

Treasurer:John Beavan

Secretary: Jill Beaven (T: 01244 301015)

Team Captain: Edna Fenwick

Member: Brenda Peel and Steve Hayes


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Founded in 1988 (Affiliated to the Cheshire Villages Indoor Bowls Association)