Dawn chorus (Green Lane byway, Guilden Sutton)

Guilden Sutton - near Chester

Guilden Sutton is a village of 630 properties with about 1660 inhabitants which lies in gently rolling countryside three miles to the east of Chester, and within distant sight of the Cathedral tower. It has grown substantially over the past century but remains a rural village surrounded by fields and totally within the Green Belt - more info


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Guilden Sutton residents should phone or click below if you, or someone you know, needs help with shopping, collecting medicines or just a friendly person to talk to.

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Tipping behind Oaklands - there is a lot of illegal tipping on the Dingle footpath behind Oaklands. The latest is this pile of wood chippings next to the 'No tipping' sign on that path. The public refuse tips are now open, please use them.


School holidays, nothing to do? - please don't do this

Nitrous oxide causes dizziness, hallucinations and irregular heartbeat. It also causes vitamin B12 depletion leading to numbness of the limbs and eventual degradation of the nervous system including the spinal cord.
SO... if you are an aspiring athlete or want to play football and not end up in a wheel chair please leave this stuff alone. It's more dangerous than you think.  More info here

Businesses opening/re-opening
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Freeview TV changes - re-tuning will be necessary on 12 August - Details


Volunteers at work - the steps from Fox Cover to the Bird being cleared and swept by some of Guilden Sutton's many volunteers.



Site updated 3 August 2020

Community info

Latest Marigold (March) - download here

Fibre Broadband: 
In the coming weeks, a group from Openreach will be working their way around Oaklands and in the Church Lane area.

Lucky lottery winners (May) - click here

Wanted: Part Time Church Administrator, St John's and St Peter's Churches -

The public footpaths in the area provide a great amenity and, understandably, are heavily used these days.
Please do your best keep to the paths and especially keep all dogs under control. (The area around the Gowy is a bird nesting area and now is the nesting season).
A map of the routes can be found here along with any slight variations. Enjoy the countryside!

Parish council news

Next Parish Council meeting

Wednesday 15 July 2020 - AGENDA

Parish Council meeting to be held via Zoom

Draft Minutes 15 July

PARISH COUNCILLOR SURGERIES ARE CANCELLED. Please use the contact form on this website if you have any questions etc for the Parish Council.

Parish Council newsletter for January - click here

Local Police contact - PCSO Linda Bailey - newsletter
A Police Surgery is held weekly at  Tier 2 Police Base, in Mickle Trafford Village Hall. Further details can be found here

See their twitter page as well

Defibrillators in Guilden Sutton

There are a number of defibrillators held in Guilden Sutton. Notice boards indicate the closest ones which you will find at the following locations:
Guilden Sutton Village Hall, Summerfield Road.
Dentist, Summerfield Road.
Church Hall, Church Lane.
Old Phone Box, Hare Lane, Pipers Ash

Click here for more information and what to do in a cardiac emergency

The Old School Trust exists to support financially the education or personal development of children who attend or have attended Guilden Sutton Church of England Primary School. Grants can be made to the school as well as to individual pupils or former pupils who apply to the Trust. Click here for details

In these strange Covid-19 times, THANKS go to so many people -

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